My name is Sandi and I live in Pelham, AL which is a suburb of Birmingham.  I am a mother to four and a grandmother of three wonderful grandsons.  Ive been married to a wonderful man since 1994.  Somehow a yankee from New Jersey and a southern gal from Alabama have figured out how to make life work.  :D

The Homeschool Mom Years

I have a degree in computer science, but I left the corporate programmer world in 1996 to be a stay at home mom after my son was born.  I spent the next 20 years as a homeschool mom.  During those years, I taught myself web design and I wrote homeschool curriculum that won awards and sold worldwide.  I taught many moms how to teach their own kids, and I've taught everything from the alphabet to advanced math courses.  Teaching is my passion, right next to quilting. This 'baby boy' accompanied me to my very first quilting class when he was four months old.  He rocked away in the swing while I learned to rotary cut!  We share a Halloween birthday, and his age is how I keep up with how long I've been quilting.

Computer Nerd Quilter

After the homeschooling years, I returned to the workforce to work for Apple as a technical support advisor.  I have helped thousands of people in virtually every country around the world (over a hundred!) with every thing from phones to photos to computers and iPads.  I have a knack for helping people grasp abstract concepts and to confidently overcome their fears of technology.  I strive to combine my past teaching experience with my love of technology and quilting to make my classes be an empowering enjoyable experience. 

Bright Start Quilting is born!

Now, the kids are grown, so no more raising butterflies and learning to read.  Ive helped thousands of people reset their passwords and fix their phones.  Now it's my turn.  This business is my lifelong dream - to make a living doing something I love, and sharing that passion with likeminded creative souls.