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This was one of my first big custom quilting jobs.  I had so much fun finishing this for a dear friend.

There is nothing more fun than quilting a barnyard full of whimsical farm animals!

How does your garden grow?  This one grows all over a stunning quilt!

I am a beach fanatic.  This is a quilt I designed myself to bring the beach to my home when I can't be there in person. 

I designed, embroidered and quilted this happy piece from scratch.  This is my Covid quilt.  I wanted something that spoke of life.

This quilt is my accidental claim to fame.  I made it as a practice piece and ended up selling dozens all over the place. 


$50 minimum. Pricing for longarm quilting services can be calculated by multipling length x width x the selected price. Example: 60in wide x 80in long x $.02 would be $96 plus applicable sales tax.

Computerized Edge to Edge Designs

Computerized all over designs.  
Average density designs would be $.02/sq in.  
High density designs would be $.03/sq in.

$.02-.03 / sq in

Custom, Hand Guided Quilting

This includes designs that are intricate, require the use of rulers, or intricate hand guided work.  Pricing will be on a case by case basis.

$.05 / sq in and up


Included in the price of your quilting.  Please contact us if you want to supply your own.


Binding is priced by the linear inch. Measure all edges and add them together. Multiply that total by your desired price.

Machine Stitched:  $0.15 / in  
Binding is machine stitched on both front and back.  You supply the fabric, or I can supply it for an additional charge.

Hand Stitched: $0.30 / in
Binding is machine stitched to the front and hand stitched to the back. 

Contact Me
Each quilt is unique and deserves one on one attention.  
If you would like to consider having me finish your quilt, please contact me so we can arrange to set up a time to discuss the details of your project