EQ8 for Beginners

EQ8 for Beginners

Learn  to create your own stunning, custom quilts with this versatile software program.  This class will walk you through everything you need to know in simple, easy-to-follow steps to take you from beginner to pro in no time!  

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Hear what others have to say about this course...

I have just finished the online course and I am already designing quilts. This class is so easy to follow and the worksheets are very helpful. I learned not only the program but also some things on my computer that I didn't know. I have owned the program for 6 months and was very intimidated by it but after this course, I am so excited to know I didn't waste my money and that I CAN DO IT! Thank you Sandi!
- Kathy I.

Your speech delivery is well paced, explanations are clear and well organised.  In my opinion, your classes are so much better than any manual could be.  I appreciate your depth of knowledge in a subject that is new to me but that I am very keen to master.  I appreciate the way you teach and the care you have taken in designing this EQ8 course for Beginners.  It is worth every cent and I look forward to completing the course with you as my mentor.
 - Kris L.

I had played with EQ8 for a while, but I found it confusing. After watching just the first module, I was able to do 2 quilt layouts. Looking forward to the next one!
 - Penny S.

Wonderful modules.  Everything about them is great.  You present the material well, have a pleasant voice, and right when I think, oh boy how can I remember all this, you making a calming, reassuring statement, and remind me that the “handout” (I’m old school) has all of the information.  The worksheets are a great tool, so when I tackle it on my own I have a reminder.
- Deborah W.

Thank you so much for your email and wonderful course!!!!! Each Lesson is extremely informative and I’ve learnt a lot thus far!!!!
 - Wilna D.

EQ8 for Beginners

EQ8 for Beginners Course Curriculum
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