EQ8 for Beginners

Learn to design your own quilts!
(even if you don't like computers!)

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What is EQ8?

Electric Quilt 8 is a software that allows you to design unique one-of-a-kind quilts,  calculate fabric, and generate cutting instructions, all with the click of a mouse!  Design a quilt to be the perfect gift for someone special! This class will show you how.

Why do I need EQ8?

  • Have ever found a really beautiful fabric, but could not find the right pattern to do it justice?
  • Have you ever found a great pattern, but the instructions were the wrong size?
  • Have you ever been so frustrated with a pattern that you just scrapped the whole project and quit?
  • Have you ever gotten a little bored with quilting, and need a new challenge to keep it fresh?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then EQ8 is for you!

What can I do with EQ8?

  • Design your own custom patterns
  • Recreate existing patterns in any size
  • Audition your own fabrics in any quilt design
  • Try different colors at the click of a button
  • Draw applique blocks
  • Print ready made cutting instructions
  • and much more!

You should take this class if you...

  • are a new beginner user of EQ8
  • want to learn to design your own patterns
  • want to learn how to use your own fabric stash
  • want to take their quilting creativity to a new level
  • need the confidence you can master your computer

What will I learn in this class?

  • how EQ8 resources are organized
  • how to customize your workspace
  • how to use the Project Sketchbook
  • how to manage the Resource Libraries
  • all about the EQ8 worktables
  • all about design layers
  • how to audition quilting designs
  • how to create new quilt blocks
  • how to draw applique blocks
  • how to layout quilts and recolor them
  • how to make and print patterns
  • how to make and use fabric estimate charts
  • and more - too much to list here!

What is included?

  • Custom designed learning workspace with easy to follow lesson plans
  • Short, easy-to-follow video lessons you can complete at your convenience
  • Hands-on reinforcement exercises
  • Free handouts, reference sheets, and practice exercises to reinforce your learning
  • Forever access - the classes never expire!

About the instructor

Hi, my name is Sandi Strenkowski, and I have been quilting for over two decades!   I was also a homeschool mom for 19 years with four kids.  I have a degree in Computer science, and I've done technical support for Apple for eight years.  Even with all of my technology skills, I remember becoming frustrated trying to learn EQ8, so, I decided to combine my passion for quilting and knack for technology with my love of teaching.  These classes are the result.   My goal is to bring you to a place where you say YES!  I can do this!

How much does it cost?

Watch the entire first module, "Navigating EQ8', for free below!

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EQ8 for Beginners

Become a quilt design pro!

Free Sample Module

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